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REPERTOIRE  has included:-


is present in all things. Myths of the Hindu Goddess provided inspiration for this drama of the creative and destructive energy of nature.
On a large screen the shadow player creates colourful, changing shadow images using body, masks, puppets and objects. The shadows merge with evocative video projections of nature from the Yorkshire landscape.
This ground-breaking fusion of shadow and video incorporated Indian dancers with accompaniment by an original music composition combining Indian themes and instruments with driving, modern beats. 

Projections, an accompanying workshop in shadow play with video projection.

Entertainment providing an introduction to the fantastic range and technique of puppetry with hand, rod, string and shadow puppets. Including puppets made in front of the audience, original hand crafted puppets and puppets from many different countries around the world.

Once a year at Divali, people all over India put lamps in their windows and doorways, to welcome Laksmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune, into their homes.     
Through innovative shadow theatre combined with powerful storytelling, this simple Indian folk story brings home the true meaning of wealth. Using front projection, iIntricate, decorated cut-outs and a portable shadow light, the puppeteer manipulates the puppets and tells the story in view of the audience.

A 2 metre cube frame covered with material to make a dark interior provides an environment in which small groups of young children are guided in an exploration of light, dark and shadows. They discover, observe and become familiar with their own changing shadows, use different materials to create patterns, coloured shadows and reflections and create shadow pictures and plays with everyday objects.

Changing puppet sets, projected shadow theatre and original hand-crafted table-top and glove puppets ~ all bound together by strong story-telling adapted from Hans Anderson’s classic tale.
With live music on fiddle, flute, drums and varied percussion.

An adaptation of the native American Cinderella story, using table –top puppets.  This show featured in the BBC’s children’s programme “Readabout” with a performance at the local school and documenting the research and making which went into the creation of the puppet play.

“All of a sudden there’s a knock at the door.  Who can it be, who is it for?”
A Victorian melodrama in traditional shadow theatre with strong, rhyming narration.

A shadow play adapted from Rudyard Kipling's tale. With colourful laminated shadow puppets.

When Jack makes a bargain with the old man he says yes to adventure.  This well-loved tale is the longest running of Diana’s shows.  A lively and colourful performance using original hand-crafted, table top puppets with audience participation.

THE RAMAYANA  Dance/Puppetry Collaboration
In collaboration with Annapurna Dance. The epic story told through Bharatnatyam dancers, traditional shadow theatre, puppetry and masks.  With live music by visiting Indian musicians.

A collaboration with visiting Indian Kathak dancers and musicians to present some of the stories of Krisna through dance, Indian marionettes and innovative shadow theatre, including body shadows.


Black Cat has undertaken many different kinds of puppetry residencies and commissions to create performances, puppets or puppetry projects.  Here are just a few examples:-

The perfect dancing partner for Columbian Salsa dancer Tanya Cusan ~ a full human size puppet.

The Rain Forest Princess
Another life-size puppet for Tanya's show The Princess of the Rain Forest.

HIV Education Puppetry Project 
For Bradford Health Promotion, to bring awareness of basic health issues and provide an introduction to the HIV virus to primary school children.  We devised, built and delivered a performance, ‘The Germ Affair’ and workshops on health issues around HIV.
"I was impressed by how complex and potentially contentious issues were approached in a way which was relevant to the children and which succesfully gained their attention and interest. The afternoon workshops served both to reinforce the information presented in the puppet show and to introduce the children to techniques of shadow puppet-making."          Holy Trinity C. of E. First School, Bradford

Home Safety Puppet Project 
For Bradford Community Environment Project, devised, built and delivered a puppetry production on safety in the home for Asian children and families in Bradford schools.

The BFG 
Puppets and large heads for a Birmingham Theatre, later sold on to another theatre. 

And a few examples of the many successful residencies undertaken by Black Cat Theatre:-

International High School, Brussels  
Performance of the Ramayana and workshops on making traditional Indian leather shadow puppets and shadow theatre techniques for Performing Arts students.

South Wirral High School   Arts Celebration week.
Shadow puppet workshops with Year 9 students on the theme of peace.

Pallantine High School, Blackpool  Puppet Up’ festival
1st prize for ‘Pandora’ parade puppets made with students

Keighley Join Project   
Artists collaboration for special needs adults using video, shadow theatre, music.

Chelmsford Council Arts Development   Workshops in schools with “Ramayana”  performances in The Cramphorn Theatre

Creative Practitioner   One month residency at Hilltop School, Doncaster to deliver aspects of the National Curriculum through puppetry and drama 

Puppet Playlets

Laksmi and the Washerwoman

The Snow Queen


The Night Visitors

The Cat who walked by Himself

Jack and the Beanstalk


The Forest Princess

HIV Project

Big Friendly Giant

Puppet up - Parade Puppets